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CAIRO – Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected head of state in Cairo court. The 67-year-old Morsi, and the figure in the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, following mass protests against his rule. Recommended by His Islamists and secular activists are held. The public prosecutor said Mursi had collapsed in a defendants’ cage in the courtroom shortly after the court, 4:50 p.m. (1450 GMT). It said the previous checks on his body. The Muslim Brotherhood described Mursi’s death as a “full-fledged murder” and called for the Egyptian embassies around the world. Mursi’s family previously said he and his parents were very rarely allowed to visit. A medical source said Mursi died of a heart attack. Mursi, who was diabetic and suffered from high blood pressure, had received medical treatment in Cairo, denying that he was deprived of medical attention. Mursi’s son, Abdullah Mohamed Mursi, told the lawyer. The Nile Delta province of Sharqiya is a family-friendly Nursing home. “He said, “We know nothing about it, and we do not know it. Amnesty International called for an “impartial, thorough and transparent” investigation into Mursi’s death. “The group said in a statement. A British member of Parliament, Crispin Blunt, who had led a delegation of Mursi’s detention, slammed the conditions of Mursi’s incarceration.

We want to understand whether there was any change in his conditions since we reported in March 2018, and if he continued to be held in the conditions we found, then I’m afraid the Egyptian government are likely to be responsible for his premature death,” he said in remarks to the BBC.


After decades of repression under Egyptian autocrats, the Brotherhood won a parliamentary election after a popular uprising toppled Hosni Mubarak and his military-backed establishment in 2011.

Mursi was elected to power in 2012 in Egypt’s first free presidential election, having been thrown into the race at the last moment by the disqualification on a technicality of millionaire businessman Khairat al-Shater, by far the Brotherhood’s preferred choice.

Morsi’s victory marked a radical break with the military men who had provided every Egyptian leader since the overthrow of the monarchy in 1952.

He promised a moderate Islamist agenda to steer Egypt into a new democratic era in which autocracy would be replaced by transparent government that respected human rights and revived the fortunes of a powerful Arab state long in decline. But the euphoria that greeted the end of an era of presidents who ruled like pharaohs did not last long.

The stocky, bespectacled engineer, born in 1951 in the dying days of the monarchy, told Egyptians he would deliver an “Egyptian renaissance with an Islamic foundation.”

Instead, he alienated millions who accused him of usurping unlimited powers, imposing the Brotherhood’s conservative brand of Islam and mismanaging the economy, all of which he denied.


Security sources said the Interior Ministry had declared a state of alert on Monday, notably in Sharqiya.

Mursi had been in court for a hearing on charges of espionage emanating from suspected contacts with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which had close ties to the Brotherhood.

A source who was in the court at the time told Reuters that Mursi spoke for around 15 minutes and concluded with a line of poetry about his love for Egypt, before collapsing as the other defendants began banging on the soundproof cage.

His body was taken to the Tora prison hospital, state television reported. A heavy security presence was outside the prison on Monday night.

Mursi’s lawyer said his health had been poor in jail. “We had put in several requests for treatment, some were accepted and others were not,” the lawyer, Abdel-Menem Abdel-Maqsood, told Reuters.

Mursi was serving a 20-year prison sentence for a conviction arising from the killing of protesters during demonstrations in 2012, and a life sentence for espionage in a case related to the Gulf state of Qatar. He had denied the charges.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan mourned his fellow Islamist as a martyr.

“Putting doubts aside, he has become a martyr today with the fulfillment of God’s order. … Our prayers are with him,” Erdogan said. “Condolences to all my brothers who walked the same path as he did. Condolences to the people of Egypt. Condolences to his family and those close to him.”

The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas said Mursi had “served Egypt and the (Muslim) nation and the Palestinian cause.”

Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, a backer of Mursi and his Brotherhood, tweeted his condolences to Mursi’s family “and to the brotherly Egyptian people.”

Egyptian state media carried brief reports of Morsi’s death that made no mention of his position as the former president.

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