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Tech meets election

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Tech meets elections

Tech meets election.

As sensitive as this topic is,

I think it should be open for debate.


I have noticed a lot of companies on this side of the earth don’t eat politics.

That’s a wawooh!


Scared much, well I don’t think so.
But the landscapes certainly changed in countries such as the US.

A company named LYFT is certainly breaking grounds.


This company is fully committed to increasing the voters turn out during the coming elections

Talk about raising the stakes.

LYFT is a ride-sharing application and will allow its customers to boost election.


If the booth involves a driving distance, voters can ride share.

That means you get a free ride to the elections by LYFT.


Normally, a ride that would have cost one is been paid for.

In turn, increases participation in elections,


Much ado about “Nationality”

Calls to light why companies in Nigeria shy from this.

A recent election was conducted without the use of smart-phones around,


So much for technology, with more and more countries adopting tech,

Any company trying to better the lives or enrich its consumers,


Gets an A+ in the good books of its consumers,

Every company should understand that they work in a social-political environment
They can’t cut off that part of, but I imagine the possibilities.


Personally, I see no reason why a company can do so,
As long as they restrict themselves to some certain conditions,


Most of it terms from that some thoughts have to stay.
Tech is great when applied in the right quantity and can change lives.


We’ve seen the power of social media and how it richly influences.

The real question is when do we integrate them.


Tech is the real deal,

It might just be what the Nigerian system is looking for to thrive.

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